Discover Beautiful Hardwood Flooring in the Sunshine State

Achieve timeless ambiance in your home by installing a new set of hardwood floors. The natural beauty and impressive durability of hardwood make it a stunning and practical choice for homeowners. With the right care, the wood surface you invest in today will look new even decades later. Visit The Floor Trader of Cocoa to find the perfect surface for your upcoming renovation project.

We’re the place to shop for brand-name solid and engineered hardwood flooring in Cocoa, FL, at discount prices. After we help you choose the ideal surface for your design plans, we also help ensure the installation goes smoothly through a referral to a team of technicians in the area. Ask us about our Preferred Installers list to learn about local, insured contractors we recommend.

Explore Our Hardwood Collection

No matter what style of interior design you prefer, there’s a hardwood look you’ll love at our store. Our collection of hardwood floors consists of a range of species, including:

  • Pine
  • Ash
  • Cherry
  • Exotic
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Hickory

We also offer a variety of different finishes and styles, such as hand-scraped options. If you’re unsure of what would look best in your home, ask our staff for a tailored recommendation. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about the benefits of solid versus engineered planks and so on. No matter what product you choose, it’s certain to add character to your room for decades thanks to the damage resistance and refinishing options of a hardwood floor.

The Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Picking out a hardwood floor that fits your lifestyle comes with an endless range of options, such as do you want an engineered hardwood or a solid hardwood floor? Thanks to their timeless appeal, simple maintenance, and comfort underfoot, the advantages of hardwood floors are numerous.

While both engineered and solid hardwood floors are made of 100% natural wood, engineered floors have a thin wood veneer on the surface, followed by fused crisscrossed layers of fused slices that give way to superior strength in the bottom layer. Solid hardwood is cut from solid wood logs and is available in various textures, from soft pine to hard mahogany.

Engineered hardwood does not expand or contract and is less susceptible than solid hardwood flooring to humidity and temperature variations. It is also usually less costly than solid hardwood flooring; however, solid hardwood is a traditional flooring option known for its consistency and durability.

Hardwood Maintenance

Needing only to be frequently swept and vacuumed, hardwood floors are a cinch to maintain. It is recommended that hardwood floors are mopped with a warranty-certified cleaner and a wet mop to keep their brand new look for years down the line. Investing in a wood polish is a handy way to keep your floors visibly sparkling for years to come. Just apply some polish every few months during regular cleaning! Even with engineered hardwood, heavy liquid spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid seepage through the wood layers to the subfloor. With the TLC your floors deserve, you'll have a beautiful living space for decades to come.

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